Monday, February 6, 2012

Things to Consider Before Buying Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Decorating a bedroom is to some extent a tedious yet interesting task. The bedroom furniture is bought once or twice in a lifetime therefore we should consider different things before putting furniture into bedroom. Fitted bedroom furniture is the choice of many people these days because it occupies less space and even a small room looks spacious because of it.  
Consider the following important things before buying fitted bedroom furniture as when bought once it is very difficult and tedious to replace or change it.
1. Size of the Bedroom
Size of the bedroom is first thing you should consider before buying fitted furniture. Though fitted bedroom furniture is most suitable for small rooms but you don’t want to over stuff the bedroom. If you have a large bedroom then you can put dressing table, study table and one or two couches. But if you have a small room then the rational thing is to put only the necessary furniture in it. A comfortable bed, with ceiling to floor wardrobe and adjust mirror in the wardrobe to make it a dressing table is the best option for saving the space and making bedroom look more spacious.
2. Wood which is used in Furniture
There are different varieties of wood and furniture makers use different types of wood in making different types of furniture. Before buying furniture, you should decide first about the type of wood you want in your bedroom. There is different variety of woods and their prices vary. Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Rosewood, Kingwood, Sycamore, Calamander, Satinwood, Bird’s-Eye Maple and Elm are most commonly used woods in making furniture because of their durability and fine texture. But if you want inexpensive yet durable solution for your bedroom then look for Fir wood. This wood has a straight, pronounced grain, and has a reddish brown tint to it, it does not have the most interesting grain pattern but it is inexpensive and looks beautiful when it is painted. See more detail about woods at
3. Furniture Colour
We buy fitted bedroom furniture for long term use; therefore it is wise to select the right colour of furniture which is according to our personality. With the evolution of interior design industry, there are different attractive colours and designs available of fitted bedroom furniture. Too many choices can lead to confusion; therefore it is advised to think about your favourite colour and then selecting the overall theme of your bedroom accordingly, because once selected it is very difficult to make amendments.
4. Furniture Style
There are different styles of furniture available in market. So before buying fitted bedroom furniture, study different styles available. There are ranges of traditional and modern styles so you can select the best suited to your personality. The famous furniture styles are Jacobean, Early American, William and Mary, Queen Anne, Colonial, Federal and Shaker etc and there are modern styles. For detail visit

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