Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fitted Bedroom Furniture for Teenage Girls

Fitted Bedroom Furniture is most suitable for students and teenagers, because teenage boys and girls need cabinets and shelves to put their books, gadgets and personal stuff. Most of the teenage boys and girls have small bedrooms so fitted bedroom furniture is best option for them.
Most of the teenage girls are rebellious and like bright colours, girls are more interested in having a colourful, decorated and arranged bedroom compared to boys. Fitted bedroom furniture meets all these requirements.
Following are the most famous colour themes for designing fitted bedroom for teenage girls.

1.       Pink Theme Fitted Bedroom
Pink is the colour dedicated for female gender, teenage girls are more attracted towards pink colour therefore pink bedroom theme is most famous among teenage girls, different styles of fitted bedroom furniture are available in this colour. The best colour combination with pink is white, pink and white gives a very neat and girly look of a bedroom and it is favoured by most teenage girls. Fitted bedroom furniture in pink and white theme is specially designed for girls, so keep this colour combination at the top of your mind while selecting bedroom furniture for your precious girl.

2.       Yellow Theme Fitted Bedroom
Yellow is a bright and attractive colour, yellow is favoured by young generations. Compared to boys, teenage girls are more interested in bright colours and want to use bright colours in their clothes, shoes, accessories and bedroom. Yellow theme bedroom furniture is a great choice for teenage girls, as it makes a bedroom look spacious and gives a neat and clean look. The advantage of yellow is that it can be combined with different other colours to give a matching contrast; blue, green, white and orange makes a perfect combination with yellow.

3.       Red Theme Fitted Bedroom
Red is romantic and colour of love, it is one of the favourite colours among teenage girls. Red theme fitted bedroom gives a romantic look and feel of a bedroom. Unlike boys, girls are more interested in using different colours in the bedroom. Therefore designing a bedroom in red theme is one of the best choices for teenage girls. Red bedroom looks best when it is designed by combining white in it. Bedroom theme designed around white and red gives the best outcome.

4.       Violet Theme Fitted Bedroom
Violet is one of the best colours used in designing the bedrooms especially for teenage girls. Violet gives a fresh and neat look of bedroom. The best colour combination with violet is white. Most of the teenage girls stuff is designed around pink colour but it is not necessary that ever0 girl will like to have a pink bedroom; therefore violet theme bedroom is perfect for teenage girls, who want to have a beautifully designed bedroom other than in pink colour.

5.       White Theme Fitted Bedroom
White theme gives most decent and neat look of a bedroom. There is no hard and fast rule that you must design and decorate a colourful bedroom for teenage girls. White theme fitted bedrooms are preferred not only by teenage girls but also teenage boys. White makes even a small bedroom look spacious and arranged. So if you are planning to design a small bedroom for your precious girl than prefer full white theme. 

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  1. I loved it! All above pictures are so gorgeous and I totally agree with your words which are expressing your ideas very well regarding your title. I loved the white, pink and purple with white combination too much. And that's why I also prefer white bedroom furniture with purple or pink combination for my daughter. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.